Image of Yifan Chen

Senior Undergraduate
Math (PMA) and Information & Data Sciences (CMS)

English, Mandarin
Python, Java, MATLAB, Mathematica, R, LaTeX

I am a senior undergraduate studying Mathematics (PMA) and Information & Data Sciences (CMS) at Caltech, where I'm very glad to work with Professor Andrew M. Stuart. In summer 2021, I was fortunate to be a visiting researcher in the MIT UQ Group under the supervision of Professor Youssef M.Marzouk.

My current research interests lie in the intersection of applied mathematics, data science, statistics and machine learning. In particular, I am interested in using ideas from statistics, optimization, mathematical analysis, and differential equations to develop robust, explainable and theoretically guaranteed machine learning models for discovering physical laws and solving problems in engineering.

I will be applying to Applied and Computational Mathematics/Statistics PhD programs in Fall 2021.

Side note: website template borrowed from Yifan Chen. (Big thanks to him!)



  • Our paper on the statistical theory of Neural PDE Solvers got accepted at ICLR 2022! (Jan 2022)